BRiE Toolkit

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The BRiE toolkit will support the preparation, analysis, design, and testing of birth registration interventions pre and post emergency. By completing all the toolkit steps, you will walk away with a community-based BRIE model that is proven and ready for scale.


Toolkit activities include a desk review, stakeholder meetings, community consultations, a design workshop, and field-testing. Whilst the toolkit is designed as a step-by-step guide, each step and tool can be used in isolation as relevant and required.  


Consider the below principles when designing and implementing BRiE activities. These will help to ensure that your BRiE intervention is legal, safe, and designed with, and for, populations vulnerable to exclusion in conflicts and disasters. 


Every child has the right to birth registration. Emergency situations often present opportunities to address weaknesses and discrimination in existing procedures, policy and legislation to ensure no child is left behind. 

Do No Harm

Identify all potential risks of a BRiE intervention by completing a risk assessment and identifying mitigation actions to ensure that no-one is harmed as a result of their engagement in BRiE activities. This includes the safe, ethical and effective use of any data gathered in birth registration activities.


Design the BRiE intervention with those who it will serve, and include these individuals throughout the design, implementation, and monitoring of the process to ensure the birth registration system fulfils their needs.


BRiE interventions must be equally available and accessible to populations’ vulnerable to exclusion. Ensure BRiE activities are designed, implemented, and monitored to respond to the specialised needs and capacities of excluded children and/or their parents/caregivers; i.e. female/child headed households, persons living with a disability, persons at risk of statelessness.


Plan International has developed the below Integrated Birth Registration Model.  It is recommended that any BRiE model should incorporate these 6 key strategic interventions, which collectively contribute to an increase in the demand for and improvement in the supply of birth registration services.  

Integrated Birth Registration Model

Integrated Birth Registration Model