Contribute to the BRiE community

Test 3



You made it!  You have analysed, designed, and tested an integrated BRiE model. 

This toolkit is specifically designed as an online resource to ensure it remains a practical and adaptable resource; a living document supported and strengthened by a growing community of practice of civil registrars and civil society practitioners. 

Like the BRiE model, the BRiE Toolkit also needs contentious piloting and re-design to ensure it meets the needs of the end users.  We are sure there are things you would do differently, steps you enjoyed more than others, and templates that were not as helpful as they could be. 

In this step, you will:

  • Join the growing BRIE community of practice
  • Contribute a case study and relevant documentation that will provide examples and guidance to another context wanting to rollout a BRiE initiative. 
  • Give feedback on the BRiE Toolkit and how it can be improved and/or adapted. 
  • Advocate for every child's right to birth reigstration to ensure no child is left behind


Step 1

Write up a BRiE case study using the case study template

Step 2

Click on the Resource tab and upload the case study and any other relevant documentation to the website.  Documentation could include:

  • Completed tools
  • Proposals
  • Budgets
  • M&E frameworks
  • BRiE communications and media stories

Step 3

Click on the Get Involved tab and leave a comment about the toolkit.  Please detail which guidance/tool/example was the most useful, least useful, and what resources were missing. 

Step 4

Use the social media guidance document to continue to advocate and speak out about the importance of birth registration.  Through your agencies communications mechanisms, share stories of children who continue to be denied their right to a birth certificate.  These stories help to influence change and bring us one-step closer to ensuring every child’s right to a legal identity.